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Signing is cool!

Learning sign language is super cool! Want to know why? Here are the top 12 reasons why we should learn sign language:
  1. You can make friends with the deaf.
     deaf friends
  2. You can communicate across the room without shouting. 
     signing in hospital
  3. You can sign through glass windows. 
    lady behind the bank window
  4. You can communicate in secret codes.
     soldiers signing
  5. You can sign with your mouth full.
     old folks signing while eating
  6. You can sign underwater.
     signing thumbs up underwater
  7. You can dance more expressively.
     dancing lady
  8. You can eavesdrop with your eyes. 
    gentlemen signing
  9. You can talk to babies faster. 
    mother signing to her baby
  10. You can communicate in noisy places. 
    loud speaker with couple covering their ears
  11. You can add one more language than you know. 
    guy talking in English, Tagalog, sign language and Spanish
  12. You can help promote deaf equality. 
    with sign language I am equal

Isn't that exciting? Learn sign language now!

12 Reasons Why You Should Learn Sign Language